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My REWARDS program that will be built into all of the ALLtoFACE™ app games. It works like this:

1> to play any of the app games the person has to be a member and pay either a monthly fee like $10.00 or an annual fee of $100.00.

Both fees are for UNLIMITED PLAY.

​2> As a member the person can play as many games as they choose.

3> Each time a member play a game and make a correct MATCH it is counted and stored in their account profile.

4> As an example, when the member gets to say 100 correct MATCHES they will have earned a REWARD.

5> The REWARD will be from ALLtoFACE™ directly. Likle 1 FREE month of MATCHES or the REWARD could come from one of the advertisers such as a a coupon from a Fast Food restaurant.

In other words, the more MATCHES the member gets correct, the better the REWARD.