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​​​How  ALLtoFACE®  Works

Everybody is familiar with SnapChat®, the mobile app that allows users to capture videos and pictures that self destruct after a few seconds. When a user sends a message they get to decide whether it will live, for between 1 and 10 seconds.


ALLtoFACE® is very different. It has 47 tabs for different app games.

There are several sections.

One section, a standalone app game in itself, is VOICEtoFACE®.

The users have to signup and become members. In their profile are:

1> Your 1st name & the 1st initial of your last name. (eg. John B.)

2> A recent photo of your face. ()

3> Record your message. (♪)

(eg. Hi, my name is Jane D. I live in Tampa, FL and wish to meet

fellow members by playing the VOICEtoFACE® app game.)


Let's start with test of 100 members, 50 ladies & 50 men, located in Tampa, FL.

The player is John B.

He scrolls down the list of the 50 ladies and decides on Susan S.

(remember, there is NO picture of Susan S. at this stage)

He CLICKS on Susan S. and listens to her recorded message.

Up pop 3 random member pictures from the list of 49 other lady members.

John B. now has to MATCH the recorded voice to the correct PICTURE. 

​Picture #1, #2 or #3?

John B. clicks on the #1 picture. It is wrong. He can now click on #2 or #3.

John B. clicks on #3. It is correct.

Two things happen after that.

1> John B.'s account is credited with 1 correct MATCH.

2> John B. will now be able to meet Susan S.


Notifications will be sent to both members account. 

When either member opens their account they will be introduced by name and photos.

At mutual discretion, both members can now communicate with each other, privately.

(There are NO pictures from the internet. It is member-to-member only)   

John B. can now play VOICEtoFACE™ again and again by selecting other

ladies members names. 


Keep in mind of the magnitude of this STAND-A-LONE app game when 1000, 100,000 or 1 MILLION potential users have joined, as members, from numerous countries.

Remember, this is an International MULTILINGUAL app game. 

John B. will be able to: 1> go to Europe; 2> select France, 3> select Paris;

4> scroll through the ladies, select Simone D. and meet her.

Many people have asked me how my ALL
 app games system works.
When verbally explained, face to face, over 800 people have given me an average of
8 1/2 out of 10 evaluation.
The GoDaddy® sales staff have ALL given me a 10!
          First, sign up and become a MEMBER. Create your USER NAME and PASSWORD. Then fill out at least 1 of 2 member profiles.

PROFILE #1 includes:
* enter your FIRST name & the FIRST initial of your last name such as: Jilly B.
* Next, add a recent head/face photo of yourself.
* Record your voice message in your given language.  
* You also have the OPTION to record a 2nd message in a 2nd language.
* Examples are: here in the USA the member can record in English and Mexican Spanish. In Canada, the voice message recordings can be English and French Canadian.
* An example of the recorded voice message is:
* Hi, my name is Jilly B. I live in the Tampa, Florida area. I am looking forward to meeting fellow members by playing the ALLtoFACE™ app games.
This sets up the precedent for playing the stand-alone app game: VOICEtoFACE®.
* This completes the Profile #1 membership. 

John D. Blue, the creator & owner of ALLtoFACE®.
I'm the one on the RIGHT!

Steve B. - Canada


My Intellectual Property Portfolio Includes:

(A) > 45 + simple desktop app games to play, as a test.
B) > One (1) 67 page "Provisional Patent" application filed > #62533459.

NOTE: the full Utility Patent is presently being written.

(C) > Two (2) Copyright applications filed:
(#1) > 1-5620082801 has 67 pages & (#2) 1-5632360291 has 32 pages.
D) > Three (3) registered Federal Brand Names:
 is a registered Service Mark in CL #41 > #4,731,594.

(2) VOICEtoFACE® is a registered Service Mark in Class #41 > #5,630,436
 is a pending Service Mark in CL#41 serial #87/481,517.
(3) ALL
 is a registered Service Mark in CL #41 #5,640,355 (01/01/2019)


(E) Three (08) registered domain names:

​(1) + .App + .CA

(2) MATCHtoFACE.Com + .CA

(3) VOICEtoFACE.Com + .App + .CA


​Please review all 45 app games!

Questions? Contact John D. Blue @


Marcel B. - Canada


O'Neil Gang - Canada

Les & Beth B. - Canada


Was created by John D. Blue, age 75, from Ontario Canada

After reviewing my 45 ALLtoFACE app games, please send me an email to:, along with your picture + your name & what country you are from. I will then add it to the Likes Club™ below.

WELCOME is the WORLD'S only source indicator of a computer software platform for playing a plurality of temporary non-downloadable iOS and web international multilingual language app games wherein the member user, first, previews a person’s physical feature, personal interest or listens to a recorded audio voice, or sound, and secondly, has to match that feature, interest, voice or sound to the correct of 3 images, thereafter allowing to build, and access, a new community membership to strengthen the Global Social Fabric thereby bringing the world closer together.

Brian K. - Canada

Click on any↑TAB↑ above to preview and play that specific app game. 

​© 2013-2019 John D. Blue Copyrighted & "Patent Pending" app games.​

This complete app game website is protected by COMMON LAW rights!

John D. Blue, the creator of the ALLtoFACE® app games system, is seeking:
1> Contacts to: FaceBook®; Google®, Microsoft® or SnapChat®,

for a possible acquisition.

2> A stable company with an established social network.
3> A potential buyer.
4> A company that can take my ALLto
FACE® concept PUBLIC. 

Projected Pay-to-Play Income:
#1> $0.10 per match; #2> $9.99 monthly/EFT #3> $99.99 annual.
All plans are for Unlimited play.
#2> Secondary Income will come from Advertisers.
The combination of the present 45 + app games will:
* Establish a NEW Global MULTILINGUAL Global Social Network.
* Ages from 1 to 100 will be able to play the 45 + app games.  
 app games are educational, entertaining and intriguing to play. 

I wish to have the above 6 app games programmed and then sell an 

UNLIMITED USE package for a 1 time fee of between $10 to $15 to play

on your iPhone & Android cell phones.

* I own 100% of the concept, have NO partners, nor a company yet.
* All of the Intellectual Property is in my personal name.

(Patent, Trademarks, Copyrights & registered Domain Names)
* I will be glad to pay a FINDERS FEE.
Please contact John D. Blue