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In the future, when the FOODStoFACE app game is professionally programmed, the Brand Name Food will be pulled from a random list of ALL the food brand names that each restaurants markets, and is recognized by. There will be 100's of names!  

E. g. 1> $1.00 ice cream cone, 2> $1.00 any size drink;  3> $0.89 pancakes; 4> Big Mac® etc.

This is a fun app game for children while on a road trip!

Everybody stops for Fast Food when driving! 

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This a FAST FOOD app game I created years ago.


Welcome to >

#1> Arby's®

​#2> Burger King®

​#3> Dairy Queen®

​#4> KFC®

#5> ​McDonald's®

#6> Subway®

​#7> Taco Bell®

​#8> Tim Horton's®

#9> Wendy's®

Brand Name Food

MATCH the FOOD name to the correct Restaurant? Is it: #1 > #9?


Fast Food restaurants