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I want my Pussy KushNOW

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NOW, there are 3 different themed websites for my 420AppGames.Com®

One for the USA; one for Canada & one for the EuropeanUnion 28 states


www.420AppGames.Com® + www.420AppGames.CA + www.420AppGames.EU 

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The registered domain names for Europe are:

DudeWheresMyPot.EU; PotCube.EU;

PotCheckers.EU; SlangOrStrain.EU;


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The registered domain names for CANADA are:


PotCheckers.CA; SlangOrStrain.CA;

 ​TicTacToke.CA PuffPuffPassApp.CA

SlangorStrain is played by clicking on the Query Box.

An authentic Marijuana Slang expression or Strain name will appear in the box. 

The player has to  decide either Slang or Strain and click on the correct box.

A counter will keep track of the correct answers.

The creator of Slang or Strain™ has complied an authentic list of

8,115 Marijuana STRAIN names, totaling 17,679 words & a list of

3,587 authentic SLANG expressions​, totaling 5,834 words!

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OK DUDE's, I'm ready to play PuffPuffPass

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Below are the 6 "story boards" for my 420AppGames®

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​​The registered domain names for the USA are:

DudeWheresMyPot.COM; PotCubeApp.COM;

PotCheckers.COM; SlangOrStrain.COM

​TicTacToke.COM & PuffPuffPassApp.COM 

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The 5 players are from the States California,

Colorado, Florida, Oregon & Washington. 

To play, simple, bet on which State you think will WIN?

Game #1 of 6 TicTacToke® 


An individual, or group, to do a joint venture by programming all 6 of my 420AppGames.Com®.

When completed, the programming person, or group, must have the ability

to package all 6 app games and set  up the licensing for website & iOS Android etc.

The package of 6 app will be sold for $9.99, for unlimited play.

See the individual app game prices below. Also unlimited play.

 Please contact: or (813) 838-6437

Puff Puff Pass® is a game in which everyone in a circle passes a Marijuana joint, spliff, bong or other smokeage. Everyone puts $5.00 on it. Each time you take a hit you have to say "puff puff pass." If you fail to say it, cough or pass out, you're out of the rotation. The last person holding the smokeage keeps all the money. 

PuffPuffPass, DUDE